You can’t miss the world cup and the Socceroo’s performance. However, more than talking about players,goal-soccer have you noticed how much emphasis is placed on the coach?

Every leading athlete or team has a coach. In fact they probably have lots – for different areas from physical fitness, technique and tactics, mental toughness and psychology.

Why on earth should this be any different in business? After all, we know how vital a good coach is.

Often it comes down to the owner not wanting to change. To contemplate there may be better ways of doing things. If it’s not broken, why fix it?

Others think they’re experts and how could an outsider understand their business and add value?

Still others got into business because they wanted to be their own boss. They hate being held accountable and just want to do their own thing.

If you fall into any of these categories, see if you’re open to another perspective.

There’s an old saying, “Good is the enemy of great”.

Sure it’s not broken. But how much better could it be if you took a really good look and improved? Could good become great? Usually it doesn’t take all that much. But you have to start.

Does a business coach need to be an expert in your business?

The short answer is no.

Coming into a business with childlike eyes means you question everything. Attitudes and processes which the owner or executive take for granted. “We’ve always done it this way.” “That’s what we learned.”

But why?

Reminds me of a story… Husband asked why the Christmas turkey always had its legs chopped off before roasting.

Wife said, “Because my Mother did it”.

Her mother said her mother did it too.

When Grandma as asked she said, “Simple – my oven was too small for the bird to fit otherwise”.

What attitudes and beliefs are you carrying around, “Just because”.

And finally, accountability.

Years ago I read an article from a well known company liquidator who stated, “The number one reason small to medium businesses failed was not lack of cash flow, but lack of accountability.”

External accountability is essential.

One, it makes you keep your promises. Especially when things get tough and it’s so much easier to just give up and do something easier.

Couple of days ago, a client told me I was like a cattle prod. Continually pushing her to get a piece of major marketing writing done. She’d really struggled with it, cursed me, but finally pushed through.

The result? She felt really good about her achievement and that she’d persevered. And my prodding and holding her accountable? “Extremely beneficial.”

Two, it can stop you going down rat holes. Chasing bright shiny objects. It forces you to stay focused on the main game. Which is where you’ll ultimately win.

So if you don’t have a coach, bite the bullet and get one.

You could set up an arrangement with a buddy. But if you really want to move ahead, pay money out of your own pocket. If it hurts, you’re more likely to take action.

Rashid & Barbara

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