“Could you send me some information?”  How many times have you heard this from a prospect you’ve just contacted?  And how do you answer this?  Do you say, “Sure – where would you like me to send it?” and do so…

If this is you, I recommend you take a different approach.

First of all one of the easiest brush offs is being asked to send something.  Stuff they’ll never read.

So rather than just jumping, probe more deeply.

Ask what specifically they’d like to know about.  Delve into the problem they’re facing.

This way you send them material which is relevant to them.  Highlight and steer them towards the relevant bits.  Make it easy for them to see how you could solve their problem.

And if they’ve spent time engaging with you, they’re likely to be a better prospect.  Remember, time is the one thing you can’t get back.  Spend it wisely with people who exhibit a genuine level of interest.

Of course there are lots of nuances to how you word this.  We help our clients handle these requests and close more business faster in our various sales programs.  Contact us for more details.

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