You walk into the room. It’s buzzing with people you’ve never met. You walk up to someone and introduce What Do You Do for a Livingyourself. What’s the next thing you’ll get asked?

Obviously it’s, “What do you do?”

It’s such a simple question. But it’s striking how wrong you can get the answer.

Most will answer with process. “I’m a [insert profession]”, or “I do [insert profession]”.

BORING! Trust me, nobody cares!

So here are some suggestions as to how you could do better.

Tell them who you work with and what results your clients are looking for.

For example, “Our clients come to us because they want to accelerate their business growth, but don’t know how to get to the next level.”

This covers both an aspiration and a problem.

Second, don’t go into depth about your process or how you deliver.

If they ask, “How do you do that?” Our response is…

“We work in 3 primary areas. Mindset, marketing and sales strategy.”

Follow this up with some stories or examples of results you’ve achieved.

We’d say…

“Client A increased the price of his service from $3K to $9K and has clients lining up to buy. Client B went from $23K to $75K for the same service. Client C when from a revenue of $3M to $11.5M per year.”

And finally, have a close by making a call to action.

Offer some more information in the form of articles you’ve written. If you feel the relationship is worth deepening, make a time then and there to get together for a further chat.

Then follow up, follow up, follow up.

Don’t leave it to the other person. Take the lead or trust me, it’ll never happen.

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