Our typical clients are organisations with turning over between $250,000 to $40,000,000 per year.

You provide consultancy and professional services in areas including financial services, accountancy, law, technology or architecture. You may manufacture high end complex machinery for domestic or export markets. Or provide commercial construction services.

The most obvious result you get from working with us is a steady growth of clients which means more revenue and bottom line profit for your business.

Read on to discover specific results you can expect. You will also get a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach and how we’re different to most marketing and sales coaching and implementation companies.

Working with us you will experience the following results:

You will accelerate your growth through acquiring new clients – both in your current market as well as striking out in new directions to diversify into new areas.

  • The feast and famine many businesses experience will be a thing of the past. You will always have a steady stream of new business coming through the door.

    Prospects will readily understand the value you bring to the table. You will become the authority and go-to organisation in your field meaning you will never be perceived as a commodity supplier. Therefore competing on price will become a thing of the past.

  • You will have a complete turn-key marketing and sales system which attracts and qualifies prospects, moving them down the sales funnel, nurturing them until they are ready to meet with a sales consultant.

  • You will experience a dramatic improvement in your sales conversion rates. Your sales consultants will have the necessary skills and processes to convert these prospects into long term, profitable clients.

  • It is far more profitable to keep a client coming back over continuously prospecting. You will implement client retention systems that ensure your good clients keep spending money with you as well as provide ongoing referrals.

  • Effective leadership is key to growth. You will develop your leadership capabilities during our work together. We will provide trustworthy and objective coaching/mentoring guidance and a sounding board to ensure both your personal and your company’s success.

Our philosophy is outlined below:

  • Our goal is to help you succeed. So we will bring all our resources, knowledge and experience to the table to help you grow your business.

    However, we cannot do this alone. Your success is only possible through commitment and a strong determination to do what it takes. There’s no magic wand and no overnight success.

    If you’re to get maximum benefit from our collaboration, you must commit to following our advice, implementing and being held accountable.

    Yes, there will be times when you feel the pressure of day to day activities hemming in.  However, our role is to keep you focused on the bigger picture, while helping you manage the details.  We will celebrate your wins and be there for you when the going gets tough as it inevitably will at times.

  • We form collaborative partnerships with our clients. No one knows your business better than you. So we work closely with you to get to the heart and soul of your business. The people who benefit most from the way we work are the ones that want to make a difference in the world. This is a big job in anyone’s language. To ensure you can achieve this you have to have a steady stream of clients to work with.

  • You need to continually invest in yourself, your team and your business. Improve, adapt and adopt strategies, tactics and maybe even new business models to keep abreast and grow, so that you can achieve your long term vision and goals.
  • You are open to new ideas. If you’re set in your ways or think you know it all, what’s the point of working with us? Our collaboration will only succeed if you keep an open mind, be open to new ways of doing things and getting out of your comfort zone.
  • What you learn from us is yours to keep. There are no licences, copyright, time restrictions or any other strings attached. We don’t want you to be dependent on us for the rest of your life. Our programs and systems are designed to “let you go” as soon as you feel you’ve mastered the art of growing your business.

Our unique approach drives your business growth

The breadth, depth and unique diversity of our approach has been the “secret weapon” for many of our clients. Here’s why.

There are thousands of marketing and business coaches out there. Most will tell you what to do, but never roll up their sleeves and get into the trenches with you.

  • Our approach of integrating marketing, selling and leadership makes us stand out from the crowd.

    Marketing consultants focus on marketing. Sales trainers focus on selling skills. We understand that you need both marketing (getting a prospect to your door) and selling skills (converting them into a client) to succeed.

    As such we implement proven direct marketing systems which attract and nurture prospects, warm them and deliver qualified leads to your sales team.

    We both train and coach your sales team to improve their selling skills and conversion rate.

  • We also help you with sales management including how to hire the right sales people for your particular environment, manage them, set budgets etc.

  • Our broad experience working with organisations in over 36 industries allows us to bring new ways of thinking and doing to yours.

Most members of an industry do things the same way. The same way of marketing, selling and management.

In our experience major innovation comes from outside your industry. We cross fertilise ideas, strategies and tactics, elevating you above your competition.

Now that you have a better idea of the results you can expect by working with us and our unique approach, visit the services and programs page to learn more about the specific solutions we offer.

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