You have a problem.  You search in Google and hit the first likely search result.  Be honest, how much time do you spend on a website if you visitor-bounce-headdon’t immediately understand what they do and the solutions they provide?

Testing a few years ago revealed about 3 seconds.  Now it’s probably 1.5 seconds, especially on a mobile device before you hit the back button.

So your message had better be pretty clear right up front.

If you can’t get attention immediately you’ll never be able to engage your prospects’ interest, educate them, demonstrate your uniqueness and have a sales conversation.

Start by stating who it is you help.  Just one sentence.

“At Revealed Resources we help you attract, convert and retain more ideal, highly profitable clients.”

Their Problems, Issues or Challenges

State the issues your prospects are facing and why they need your help. Don’t make this complicated. Talk in simple language your prospects will understand and resonate with.

“Does your marketing consistently bring in high quality prospects?  Are you happy with your sales conversion rate?  Is your business growing at the rate you’d like?  Or…

You experience the feast and famine so common with many businesses?

Times when you have more work than you can handle, so you neglect client acquisition.  Then inevitably the wheel turns and you find yourself scrambling for new business wondering how you’ll meet the bills, payroll, let alone pay yourself?”

Outline what they want instead…

“What if you could have a lead generation and sales system which consistently brings in new, profitable clients?  A system which you can turn on or off depending on how much business you can handle?”

Talk about outcomes. What your prospect gets.

Communicate the value or benefit your clients will get if they work with you. If they’re in your target market and don’t say, “That sounds valuable, I’d like to know more”, you’ve failed.

Describe Your Solution or Outcome.

Your message must communicate the specific value and benefits your prospects will get if they buy. Appeal to the WIIFM. The easiest way is to mirror image the problems, issues or challenges.

“Our clients get a steady stream of good quality, high value clients, resulting in a healthy growing business.”

Detail Your Uniqueness or Differentiation

This final aspect of your marketing message is your uniqueness. That is, what makes you different from all the other providers who offer similar solutions out there?

This is an appeal beyond, “What’s in it for me?” It answers the question, “Why you?”

This is the important extra that gives your prospect rational and emotional reasons to choose you over everyone else.

It takes creative thinking and has to go beyond the usual platitudes of Quality, Service and Value.

Your uniqueness could come from your proven expertise. Articles you’ve published, books you’ve written. Or client success stories where you can prove results.

You can’t always present this as a sound bite. A longer narrative client story is a very effective way of promoting your uniqueness.

In our case we have a string of success stories where clients have doubled or tripled their results. We then pick and choose which ones are most relevant for the particular audience we’re speaking to.

Contrast this approach with what most people do.

They label themselves by stating, “I’m an insurance agent” or “I’m an accountant”.

Or describe a process. “I’m a management consultant who runs change management workshops”.

Neither talk about what your prospects get. There’s no value or benefit statement. People aren’t actually interested in your process. They just want an outcome or result.

So if you fall into this camp, stop right now. Use the formula above and I guarantee you’ll get more interest in your services and convert more prospects into clients.

Need help with fleshing out and implementing your marketing system so that you attract high value clients?

Putting together a strategy which will take you from where you are to where you want to get to isn’t always easy.

We’re often too close to our own businesses and really benefit from an outside perspective.

If this is you, call us and we’ll go through how can help you define a marketing and sales strategy as well as enable you to implement it using our proven methodologies for attracting and converting high value clients.

Call Rashid on 0414-913-334 for more information.

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