Do you always go for the cheapest price?  Or do you look for value for money – knowing buying the cheapest now may cost you dearly in the long run?

I often hear new clients tell me they need to compete on price and that their market is price driven.

And I say, I’m willing to bet that that’s not the case.  And I can prove it.

If I call and interview your clients as part of our Value Gap Analysis process, where we find out why your clients buy from you, every one, bar none will say they never buy from the cheapest supplier.

They’ll buy in the “Goldilocks zone” – not too cheap and not the most expensive.

Your clients know what they’re looking for in terms of value and what can be delivered at a fair price.  They want to ensure you stay in business.  It makes good business sense for them!

So when you’re considering your pricing, think in terms of the value you provide.

Is it at least 10 times what they invest?  If so, it’s a no brainer for them to buy from you.

Having said that a lot of this comes down to your own money thermostat.  What you believe the value is you add.  Remember, the first sale is always to yourself.  You have to be convinced.

This came through loud and clear with a new client.

They’ve been in business 12 years.  Provide exceptional service.  Their clients told us they love them.

After just one session with us our client told us they now really understood what they brought to the table and could see a path to increasing their market share.

So if this is you and you’re not sure about the value you bring to the table, reach out.  We’ll help you elicit your value and communicate it in tangible terms.

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