Who’d have thought it? Billionaire Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer making sense with nation building ideas?

But listening to him on the ABC and watching him on the Drum, both Barbara and I revised our opinions of him. Not at all the seemingly bumbling idiot he often comes across as.

The man had some pretty radical and interesting ideas. And while some might be farfetched, there were many that actually made sense. Not that the mainstream would ever consider them.

Politics in this country is primarily a two horse race. And you’d be hard pressed to really separate the two.

So it was fascinating to hear radically different ideas from a non-political class person, someone who’s managed to get 150 candidates standing in various seats. Ideas to stimulate the economy, radically solve the “boat people” problem and more. And frankly he was right with a lot of them.

But he’ll be howled down.

Just like Jay Abraham often is.

One of the world’s greatest marketers, Jay constantly states great marketing ideas will come from outside your own industry. A fresh pair of eyes, radical new ideas that inject new life into staid industries.

But of course most entrenched pundits will go, “It’ll never work here”. Not that they’d try it to find out.

All I can say is, “Go Clive. Shake ‘em up Mate.”

Barbara & Rashid.

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