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"How to Attract High Value Clients"

Frankly growing your business isn't rocket science.  You just need to consistently take the right actions that do two things:

1.  Bring in a steady stream of good quality prospects

2.  Convert them into clients

I know that if you follow the recommendations we make you will achieve this.

Now, I'm going to be blunt.  We all download lots of stuff that we often don't get around to reading. You know how it is… life gets in the way – we're just too busy.

However, this is one report I highly recommend you do open, read and above all, TAKE ACTION on some of the suggestions.

Why? Because this these strategies work! But only if you implement it.

Now, this is quite a large document, so could I suggest a couple of things.

Quickly read the whole document first to get an overview of our methodology.

Then pick one or two strategies that you can immediately implement and start there.

Don't bite of more than you can chew. It's far better to start small and consistently execute.

That way you'll get far better results. Then move onto the next ones etc.

Remember, to be successful you must embody a "marketing mindset". Constant, drip, drip and follow through is far more effective in the long term than a single splash.

Ad hoc activities are simply a waste of your time and effort.

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How to Elegantly Lead Your Next Sales Conversation

Your guide to selling without pressure so you can predictably close more high value business

Honed over 18 years working with businesses in over 45 industries including professional services, property, construction, IT and manufacturing...  It's yours with our compliments!

The Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business

This 1+ hour video covers the basic principles of effective direct response marketing.

In this video we cover topics including:

I’ve listed some highlights and the approximate minutes into the video they occur.

  • Why listen to us and how you can build up your credibility – 3.50 min
  • The aim of marketing – 11 min
  • The Marketing Triangle – Media/Message/Market Match – 13 min
  • The importance of your USP – 16.30 min
  • The importance of social proof and how to get testimonials – 25 min
  • Implementing guarantees – 31 min
  • Improving Sales Skills – The importance of qualifying in or out – 41 min
  • Educational direct response marketing and life time value – 42 min
  • How to write winning sales letters – 46 min
  • The importance of consistent communication – 54 min
  • Our selling system – The DICTATE model – 56 min
  • Automating your marketing with CRM – 1 hr
  • Website content – What you must have 1.05 hours

How to handle common objections

One of the earliest lessons I learnt in my sales career is “You have two ears and one mouth – use them in that order”.

Advice that’s particularly pertinent to handling sales objections.

“Objections”. A small word which often strikes fear into the hearts of even seasoned sales professionals.

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed on Objection Handling by US based, Sales Mastery magazine.

I trust you’ll find it useful. And no, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in “sales” or not. We all have to persuade and the content I share is relevant regardless of whether it’s a personal or professional situation.

You can watch the video interview below: