Effortless Selling

How to attract and convert more clients in 90 days without pushy sales tactics

Are you finding it’s getting harder to get in front of the right prospects?  Secure meetings and close deals?  And therefore aren’t growing at the rate you’d like?

If so, you’re not alone.  We hear this a lot from business leaders in a diverse range of industries.

Speaking with them, most admit they don’t have effective prospecting, marketing and sales systems in place.

It’s not their forte, so there’s no strategy and process and they end up trying lots of different ways to attract clients, which effectively scatters their efforts and doesn’t produce results.

In short, they’re frustrated, but don’t know where to turn.  What to concentrate on.  What works to consistently bring in quality clients.

Getting the attention of your prospective clients
is harder than ever before

How do you break through the noise?  Communicate your value, remain authentic without resorting to hype?

How many of these statements resonate with you?

  • You're not getting enough quality inbound leads.
  • You find ‘selling’ distasteful and aren’t confident in your own ability to consistently close business.
  • You don’t know how to communicate your value and stand out from the crowd.
  • Maybe you feel insecure pitching your services.  It feels like big noting yourself.
  • Picking up the phone almost paralyses you.  You wish there was an easier way to contact prospects.
  • You have lots of meetings, nice conversations, but they don’t go anywhere.
  • And if you have a sales team, they’re not meeting their sales targets.  All you hear is excuses.
  • What you really want to develop an effective marketing and sales process which helps you attract good prospects and close more business.

Introducing the Effortless Selling Program

If any of these statements hold true, I’d like to introduce you to the Effortless Selling  program. 

It’s a comprehensive prospecting, marketing and selling program which will have you get more attention, more meetings and more clients.

We’ve proven our system over 20 years with clients in professional consulting and coaching, manufacturing, healthcare and construction.

Using 3 interlocking pillars of Marketing, Prospecting and Selling,
the Effortless Selling™ program, you’ll…

Pinpoint Your Ideal Clients

Who do you serve best?  Like working with?  And what results do they get?  Getting clarity on who you serve best is fundamental to all your prospecting, marketing and selling success.

Clearly communicate your unique value

You’ll hone your value proposition, then use the strategy canvas to take your offering to the next level. You’ll defend your current market and potentially expand your products into emerging, growing markets.

Reach out to Prospects

You’ll learn to actively find suitable prospects in your target market and qualify them rapidly using our DICTATE methodology.

Marketing & Positioning

You will be positioned as the authority in your space.  Prospects will recognise your capabilities, experience and depth of knowledge.  

Close More Deals

You’ll elicit your prospect’s values, needs and buying criteria.  Their goals and aspirations.  The issues and challenges they have in their business and explain how your services can meet their needs so they want to buy from you.

Develop referral partners

High quality referrals are one of the best ways to bring in clients.  Using a structured process you’ll foster a referral partner network that will provide qualified leads.

As a result...


You’ll have a strong, clear value proposition that cuts through, getting the attention of your ideal clients.


Due to your authority positioning at the top of your market, clients will sell themselves on wanting to work with you, without quibbling about price.


You’ll feel confident in your ability to sell your services.  Having great conversations where there’s an exchange of value.  So when you present a solution, your prospects readily buy into it.


The majority of your sales meetings will lead to new, profitable business.


If you employ sales people, they’ll be the right ones who have the ability to hit sales targets.


You know you’ll hit your growth and profit objectives.

Here’s a small sample of results our clients have achieved

"Rashid, you're killing us. In a good way.  We've now got so much work on we're fully booked and we need you to turn the tap off!

We're experienced business owners having run a multi-million dollar business.

However having started a new operation in the same industry, we knew we needed marketing and sales help to build up the business.

Over the period of a year Rashid & Barbara set up a complete marketing and sales funnel which delivers 3 to 4 good quality leads per day.  Some of these leads are worth 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars to us over their lifetime. Dylan Huges, MD

"Kemppi Welding Australia became the second most profitable subsidiary worldwide after Rashid & Barbara helped us improve our selling skills. In addition we experienced our highest ever monthly sales results after they trained our staff for National Manufacturing Week 2010."  Chris Oke, MD

"Rashid & Barbara completely redesigned the way we market and sell our services.

By providing the foundational marketing and selling skills, our clients fully understand the value we bring to the table and are happy to pay our fees.

Our client numbers keep increasing and we’ve grown exponentially as a result."  Victor Kumar, MD

"Rashid & Barbara have extensive experience in marketing and selling complex, high value products and services. 

Their marketing methodology engenders trust via a softly, softly, non-intrusive approach which provides valuable and relevant content for prospects and clients allowing them to buy when they’re ready.

If you’re looking to accelerate your business growth I highly recommend you speak to Rashid and Barbara."  John Corrigan

The Effortless Selling™ Program is best suited to:

  • Partners of Professional Services Firms 
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Business Owners & Leaders of small to mid-sized organisations, $1 million to $50 million in revenue with 5 to 250 employees.

You are forward thinking, growth oriented, willing to change and be vulnerable as in being open minded, willing to admit weaknesses and willing to face reality.

Because every client is unique and faces different priorities, our program is tailored to your specific circumstances.

We start by diagnosing where your most pressing issues are.  Those that if you quickly solve will give you the best bang for buck.

Only then can we prescribe solutions.

We work in an advisory capacity as facilitators, consultants and coaches as appropriate.

Lasting change takes time.  Our clients typically engage us on a retainer basis for a minimum of one year. Many of our clients have continued for years as they’ve experienced value and results from our joint efforts.

If you’re ready to take control of your destiny, let’s talk.

Schedule a preliminary call where we’ll briefly discuss the issues you’re facing, where you want to get to and then if appropriate, move the discussion forward.

 Call Rashid on 0414 913 334 and set yourself up for growth.