Life is too short to keep dealing with people who want to eat you for lunch! Be this a business partnership or a You get what you tolerateclient.

You start rosily. But time goes on and things start to fall apart.

For example…

  • You can’t seem to get through to them. They don’t appreciate your value. They’re often rude and demanding. Project scope doesn’t just creep – it leaps, while they expect you to just grin and bear it.
  • They constantly blame you while refusing to take responsibility at their end for anything that might be going wrong.
  • You find your staff now simply refuse to work with them.
  • You’re getting to (or have reached) the point where you simply wish they’d go away.

What went wrong?

I’m going to be blunt. I hope you can take it.

Ultimately all this is your own fault.

You get what you tolerate. Put another way, people will treat you the way you allow them to.

If you want to change do the following:

Step 1:

Figure out exactly who your ideal business partner or client is.

This is not age, income, business size, location etc.

This is about their values and beliefs and how they’ll align with yours.

Do this by writing down a list of your values and beliefs. Now list what you’d like to see in your clients.

Common ones are “integrity”, “trustworthiness”, “honest and transparent”, “good communicators”, “decisive”, “fair”, “takes responsibility” etc.

Now expand on the behaviours you would expect to see if they lived up to these values.

e.g. “Honest and transparent” – they openly communicate issues without blame. They tell it like it is – even if the truth could be unpleasant.

Now filter potential clients through it.

Step 2:

Start as you mean to go on. Set the ground rules for the engagement very clearly. Set appropriate boundaries and then enforce them.

You are not a doormat. Don’t allow yourself to be treated like one.

This is about being centred and true to yourself, your ability and what you provide.

You are the expert. They’ve come to you for a result. You can’t deliver it if you don’t take charge.

And for those of you thinking, “That’s all very well, but I need all the business I can get, so I can’t afford to be choosey”, let me say this.

Get a decent marketing and sales system into place. One which delivers good quality clients on demand. People who appreciate you and what you can provide.

Need help putting a client attraction system together? We’re a phone call or email away. Call us on (02) 9499-7958 to get the ball rolling.

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