As a business leader, do you control your business, or does it control you?

Not sure?  Take these scenarios.

As the captain, you’ve clearly articulated your vision and have a strategic road map which defines your path.  You have a great supporting team who take responsibility and deliver.  Your systems hum along providing you with leverage and the ability to scale.


You’re constantly in the boiler room, shovelling coal.  Everything seems to depend on you.  Being in the bowels, you can’t see where you’re going, let alone steer.

Most days you’re frustrated and you’re heading for burnout.  You wonder what happened to that big vision, why the heck you got into business and wouldn’t be easier to just get a job.

Unfortunately, this scenario is more common than not.

Ultimately, smart business is about leverage, scalability and profitability.

But that only happens if you take control and lead.

Your job is to set in place the mechanisms for growth.  Determine where you get leverage using your existing assets, then scale your operation.

However, all too often this isn’t the case.

Some leaders have a big vision.  Shoot for the moon.  But they have no strategy to get there.

Others sit in the weeds looking no further than the next few days.  Then wonder why they get blindsided by competitors or clients leaving.

In our elite Leverage, Scalability, Profit Accelerator program, we drill into clients that you’re responsible for vision and strategy.  Defining your road map which lays out a path and milestones that let you know you’re on it.

Unless you’re a one person band, turning your plans into actions takes people.  Which is where you get leverage.

Do you promote responsibility, authority and accountability where your people take ownership.  Do you trust them to do so?

Leverage comes from adopting a mindset where you let go, realising that other people can not only do what you do (the stuff), but can often do it better.  Therefore you hire better than yourself and are prepared to pay knowing this is the only way you’ll free up your time to work on your business.

A client recently had a huge smile on this face as he recounted the massively freeing feeling devolving responsibility and authority down the line had produced.  For the first time in years his “call back” list was done by 4pm and he could go play tennis knowing everything was done.  And that they’d achieved a major recognition level with a supplier

Scalability comes from implementing systems into your business.

Systems document knowledge so you’re not constantly reinventing the wheel.  Well-designed systems and procedures allow you to work on exceptions rather than mundane activities which should be done by “lower level” folk.

Good systems free you up to work on your business rather than in it.  Take a helicopter view to see what’s beyond the horizon and innovate.

Your goal is to develop a structure which eliminates daily chaos to and gives you control.  Control gives you leverage which leads to growth and increased profitability.

Ultimately you achieve freedom and the choice to run your life the way you want.

Wrapping up…

Are you absolutely satisfied with your level of growth and the scalability of your operation?  Are you efficiently leveraging your assets?

If not, our  elite Leverage, Scalability, Profit Accelerator program will set you on the path, hold you accountable so you meet your growth targets.

Contact Rashid on 0414 913 334 to see if this is right for you.

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