Had a number of comments on “Would you give this guarantee?” Readers wondering how they could give a guarantee when they had no control over how their clients used the product or in the case of services didn’t fulfil their end of the bargain.

The short answer is, “What would you normally do to remedy the situation?”

Couple of examples.

The professional photographic printer giving a 110% money back guarantee had massive resistance to the idea.  But when we asked them what happened if prints came out incorrectly, they contacted the photographer, worked with them and fixed it.  Normal part of their customer service.

Given this there would never be a case where the guarantee could be called on.  So no risk to the business.  And surprise, surprise, in over 15 years they’ve never been called on it.

A work boot manufacturer gave a lifetime guarantee.  Once again they initially baulked.  When the “internal repair” chap was asked what happened if a boot came back his reply was, “We always fix it free anyway”.

In both cases splashing the guarantee over all their marketing material gave them a massive sales boost over the years.

But what if you’re an accountant?  You could guarantee that your work would be correct or you’ll not only fix it but pay audit fees and fines the ATO imposes.  The obvious caveat being your client must provide the right information.  But then again, I’d hope you’d work with them to do so in the first place.

So what could your guarantee be?

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