Right now a lot of businesses are facing challenges. High inflation, high interest rates. Difficulty finding people resources. Buyers avoiding making decisions.

A lot of these things are out of our control.

We can’t fix high inflation or interest rates or the economy in general.

So what can we control?

Reminds me of the serenity prayer, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.”

We can control how we approach solutions. Are we acting as a victim or do we take charge and have the courage and confidence to take action?

How can we become more efficient and effective? Use the resources we have – be it money or people.

Do we need to change how we approach our market? Tweak our business model? Improve our sales processes?

As Einstein famously said, “You can’t solve a problem at the level of the problem”. It’s useful to step out and look at your business from above. But that’s often difficult without external facilitation.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over 2 decades to do just this.

We’re offering Focus & Strategy sessions where we work with you to take a helicopter view of your issues. What you’re facing and where you want to get to.

We’ll help you create an implementation plan which will set you up for a great start to next year.

Why do this now? Well, for many it’s a quite time in business and a great time to plan next year so you hit the ground running.

So if this is you – give me a call on 0414 913 334 and we’ll set it up.

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