Let’s talk about the sales elephant in the room.  Prospecting.

We’d all love leads to magically appear ready to do business.  The reality is they won’t.  It’s your job to actively go out and find suitable prospects in your target market and engage them in conversation to find out if they have issues you can solve.

But this is where I’ve seen countless mistakes where salespeople confuse activity with outcome.

Ultimately sales is a numbers game.  The more people you see, the better your chances of closing deals.

But that in itself is a trap.

You need to see the right people.  Prospects in your target market.  And then have a process of rapidly qualifying them out.  Yes, I said “out”.

Use the phone!  Your initial goal is then to qualify them out as quickly as possible – WITHOUT meeting them “for a coffee” or any such time wasting rubbish.

Most salespeople go the other way.  Desperately try to qualify the person in and then go round and round trying to convince them to buy.

Unless there’s a genuine need, coupled with a timeframe for the prospect to take action, stop.  Just put them onto your longer term touch list to see if something’s changed.  Don’t waste active regularly ringing them for a chat!

Remember, your job is not to get leads.  It’s to make sales.  That’s what puts money in the bank.

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