There’s an old axiom that a confused prospect never buys.  Well, the same applies to us as vendors.

The first sale is always to ourselves.

If we’re confused as to the problems we solve and exactly whom we solve them for, how could we explain our solutions in a way that generate interest and commitment to buy?

When new clients engage us one of the first areas we work on is exactly what problems they solve and for whom – specifically.

In our world there are 4 stages both you and your prospects need to go through to facilitate a sale.

Starting with the problem.

Do you have clarity as to what it is?  What symptoms present themselves that your prospects would relate to?

Do you comprehend the magnitude of the issue?  Look at it from both a negative and aspirational viewpoint.

What are the negative impacts and implications of not solving the issue?  The same applies to the positive – if they solved it.

This leads to a level of conviction – first for yourself that this is a problem worth solving.  Conviction results in enthusiasm on your part – that prospects buy into.

And finally, commitment.  If you have conviction, you’ll be committed to reaching out to potential buyers knowing deep down that if you don’t, you’re doing them a disservice by not showing them a better way to accomplish their goals.

And of course exactly the same hierarchy applies to your buyers.

First they have to acknowledge there’s a problem.

Your job is to then help them comprehend the magnitude of the issue.  The impact and implications of remaining in the status quo.  Conversely what life would be like if they took action.

They have to be convinced, both logically and emotionally that your solution will work which leads to them committing to putting it into practice.

Wrapping up – to successfully engage prospects and help them commit to buying, start with yourself and your conviction and commitment.  That will energetically transfer to your prospects, facilitating more sales.

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