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“Rashid is a great presenter, who inspires trust. Having only met Rashid briefly once, I am sold on his competency.

The content was great, you covered some common topics, but in a way that prompted new ideas around sales and marketing. Now I am going to use fax as a marketing and sales tool again!

It certainly was time well spent – worth crossing the bridge.”, Sophie Andrews, The Accounts Studio, Warriewood, NSW

“Your seminar is a great refresher for everyone and you share some really good information with your audience.

The segment on how to increase prices and decrease discounts, was very valuable and useful indeed, I’m already implementing some of the strategies and tactics that help me manage the budgets for the accounts I am responsible for”, Cameron Blair, Wilkinson Group, Sydney CBD, NSW

It’s great to get comments like this, however it’s even better to know that clients of ours have taken what we teach, applied it and steadily grown their businesses.

And we’d like you to experience the same (or better) levels of success.

And we have so much material to cover we’ve extended it by an hour!

Over 4 hours we’ll cover three main ways of rapidly increasing your cash flow – through better cash flow management, marketing strategies and selling techniques.

This is a small sample of what we’ll cover:

  • NEW! What differentiates you from your competition?

    A couple of lucky participants will get a hot seat where we’ll use our 6 step process to drill down into what makes you unique and how you can articulate it.

    Normally we’d do this one on one in our expensive programs – so this is a real opportunity to take advantage of us and the group’s wisdom.

  • 20% of your clients will give you 80% of your revenue. And the top 4% will give you 64%. We’ll show you how to segment your clients so you know where you should be focusing your time.
  • Competition is growing. We’ll demonstrate how you can stand out from the crowd and never suffer an apples to apples or price comparison again.
  • Raise your prices and keep your clients? Most people don’t believe it can be done. We’ll prove you can do it too with real life examples from our client files.
  • Trust is the final frontier to making a sale. You’ll learn how to implement a ballsy guarantee that will help you generate more sales.
  • Feedback is the breakfast of champions. We’ll demonstrate how taking the time to find out what your clients really want from you is the key to selling more.
  • One of the hottest topics at our last workshop (which was sold out), was how to implement customer relationship management as the heart of your sales and marketing system. How our system will:
    • Help you know exactly where your leads were coming from
    • Keep track of prospects and clients
    • Automatically follow them up
    • Log sales
    • And keep targeting old customers with new offers – automatically!
  • How you can implement a regular keep in touch mechanism which will bring in a steady stream of new business.
  • Why giving away great information is the key to developing trust with your audience and having them beat a path to your door.
  • How to combine on-line and off-line prospecting to stand out from all your competitors.
  • How to rapidly gain rapport with anyone and elicit their buying criteria, a critical aspect to all persuasion. Without this you might as well be a sales-monkey jumping up and down begging for the sale.
  • The DICTATE model – An extremely effective sales questioning technique which will have you closing more business.

Here’s feedback from some recent attendees:

Here’s feedback from some recent attendees:

We consistently top marks for our content and presentation.

“I really appreciated that the content of your workshop was well structured and logical.

It certainly helps me to have a “path” to follow and I know what I need to do next.

The structure in which Rashid presented helped me to create new ideas and reminded me of business growth areas that I had forgotten about.” Chris McLeay, Busiconnect I.T., Baulkham Hills, NSW


“It’s been some years since we attended one of Rashid’s and Barbara’s seminars.

When they promoted their “Improve your Cash Flow and Grow your Business” workshop we knew that we wanted to attend.

These are just a few of the takeaways:

  • Look at your business figures more closely
  • Fax broadcast as a marketing tool
  • Tips and tricks for online advertising e.g. content network advertising vs. Google ad words
  • The discussion on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • 80/20 rule of the 80/20 equation

The style of the presentation and the atmosphere in the room was really conducive to learning and reflecting on how to go about marketing and selling differently.

We also appreciated the fact the event was held in a central location and a spotlessly clean environment.

The view across parts of Sydney Harbour was just another added bonus.” Brigitte Banziger & David Hulme, Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants, Manly, NSW


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday. I took more than I could have imagined from your session and I’m very appreciative. I’m also very thankful Barbara challenged me on what I would do today and for that I have managed to convert two leads into pretty strong opportunities today.

The session yesterday was very professional, interesting and engaging and I think for me anyway you really hit the nail on the head in so many ways.”

Here are a couple of the points that I found particularly useful:

  • Know your target market
  • The danger of discounting

Since a number of these concepts are new to me it is very important for me to be exposed and part of the discussion, to be able to get those topics on my radar.

Keep me posted on your next Cash Flow session. I know a few people who might be interested who I will pass on the details to.”

Nathan Stanfield, Stanfield IT Solutions.


I am amazed how much content you were able to cover in the 3 hours.

Great value for money – it reinforced principles that I had let slip.

The presenters were very good. Rashid & Barbara created a space where relaxed learning in a structured format was possible.

Attending your event reminded me to smarten up as old habits have crept in.

Ralph Rintoule, Citrine Property Investors P/L, Wetherill Park, NSW


“Just wanted to congratulate you on your Excellent presentation! Your fine reputation has been well earned.”

Greg Tan, New Leaf Design.


“It was a fantastic session – and I really loved the clarity of presentation, stories and case studies you used to illustrate your points. 3 hours well spent for me, it reminded me of the different ways to get my message out, and I realised that I need to diversify. It was so refreshing to see that you didn’t do the “hard sell” on your audience. And there truly is no need for it. Your audience buys from you because of your expertise, experience and integrity. Full score from me!

Jenny Cartwright, Sales & Telesales Solutions.


“Everything you covered in these 3 hours was relevant.   It is very difficult to offer guarantees in our business however, you did challenge me to look at where we can offer guarantees to our clients. We know that this is a very powerful differentiator. I’m amazed at the amount of valuable content you packed into 3 hours. Thank you!”

Cindy Dahiya, Alpha Advisers Group.


“What I liked best about your Cash flow improvement seminar is the simplicity of your message. It was clear and concise. It also “reawakened” things that I’ve forgotten – “do not use it we lose it”.

Desh Dahiya, Alpha Advisers Group, Mosman, NSW


“What I particularly liked is the power of offering a guarantee to clients and prospects. It confirmed an experience with a prospect lately. He was sitting on the fence struggling to make a decision, when I offered to guarantee our work, he signed up straight away.”

Dominic Procter, Simply, North Sydney


“The presentation and was excellent. It offered a lot of value und contained great strategies that can be applied in any business.

Rashid Kotwal, the presenter, answered all the questions really well. His presentation was clear and concise, and I really appreciate his breath of knowledge.

I really liked the marketing strategies that were discussed during the seminar, in particular the guarantees, how well direct mail still works when done properly and the importance of being clear on the target market.

There are a number of strategies that I can implement to really improve my business.

All of the content was excellent I can’t think of anything that was irrelevant or that I didn’t like.

As far as I am concerned 3 hours well spent.”

Jarred Rubin, GSL Rally Sport, Willawong, Queensland


“I really liked the high-level view of the key points of leverage. Simply put – it was the right information at the right time.”

John Corrigan, Group 8 Education, Sydney.


“I really valued the interaction with the other members of the group. There were some serious players in the audience. 3 hours well spent, your seminar reminded me of the fundamentals as well as gave me new ideas on how to market and sell my services differently.

The 3 pillars in business, cash flow, marketing and sales were very well covered indeed.”

Shukri Barbara, Property Tax Specialists, Chatswood, NSW


“I thought the “Cash flow Improvement” seminar was great. The material was informative and provided me with a wealth of ideas. The key now is to act on some of those ideas and I look forward to working with Revealed Resources in the future to help ensure that those strategies and ideas get implemented!”

Steve Hather, RQA Product Risk Institute, Pennant Hills, NSW


I really enjoyed the format of the workshop.

The content was good value for money and the presenter was excellent.

I became aware how important a good CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) is in today’s business environment. The information you shared with us in this area alone was worth my attending.

Don Jeffers, Professional Wealth Services, North Sydney, NSW


Great stuff!

I wish I hadn’t missed out on the first 30 minutes of your presentation. I was running late because I missed my train.

One of the biggest insights for me was to realise that my marketing has to become more consistent and that my marketing message and my offers have to be fine-tuned.

Great content and good processes that I absolutely need to implement.

Great value in regards to time as well as money!

Rashid, you’re a first class presenter!

John Gregory, Real Results Media Pty Ltd., Parramatta, NSW


I liked the pace of the presentation.

The discussion on the CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management) available in the market place and what it can do to make marketing and selling a lot easier, was vey interesting and informative.

There were a number of tips and ideas throughout the presentation, that I had forgotten about, jut being reminded of them was worth attending.

Michael Ruiz, Director Casa Business Consulting, Sydney


Rashid is an interesting presenter, he’s very knowledgeable and I enjoyed the way he used stories to get the point across to the audience.

It was great to exchange ideas throughout the presentation as well as the opportunity to network.

It certainly was worthwhile for me to attend, we are looking at implementing a CRM, and Rashid covered information on this topic which we hope to expand on.

In fact we’ve already booked a time with him so that he can guide us on how to best go about it.

Nicole Tavares, Cobra Training Services, Wetherill Park, NSW


I loved the tip on how to go about getting referrals, and what wording to use.

Rashid, your seminar was motivating; your advice was practical and makes sense.

There was nothing in your presentation that wasn’t relevant – 10 out of 10 for content, value and the way you delivered the information.

Martin Puchert, Document Delight, Sydney


Rashid, “good job”, your presentation was enjoyable, and the content was good.

I really liked the discussions about marketing.

Attending your seminar has certainly been worthwhile for me.

I am rebuilding my business from scratch, we’ve just moved to Canberra from Sydney, and your ideas and strategies are useful and motivational.

David Flanagan, David Flanagan Photography, Casey, ACT


The information was presented in digestible pieces. There was nothing in your presentation that wasn’t relevant to me.

The seminar reminded me of things I’ve forgotten and that I used to do.

It also brought home to me that I can’t do everything myself and how I can get help and support as well as how I can improve my bottom line.

9 out of 10 across the board, content, value time and money, and to the presenters.

Lili Mustakov, Co-owner The Institute of Quantum Unity, Sydney


In regards to your recent workshop, I rate the workshop content, value and the quality of the presenters at 10 out of 10!

The insight into the marketing strategies was very valuable, and so was the reminder that marketing is an ongoing activity.

Thank you for sharing you knowledge with me.

Leo Guterres, Central Securities Pty Ltd, Sydney

We’ve deliberately priced it at only $67 to make it a no brainer to attend.

Having said that, please don’t equate low price with low value. If you know us, you’ll know we’ve always over delivered and our clients have taken what we’ve taught and become leaders in their respective fields.

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