Right Property Group Case Study

The Right Property Group is a leading Investment Property Buyer’s Agency who specialise in buying properties for their clients at wholesale prices.


The Right Property Group wanted to grow their client base while significantly increasing prices per property sourced.

However they struggled with articulating clearly and concisely what value they provided and why clients should choose them over other buyer’s agents.

How The Objectives Were Achieved

  • Buyer's Club

    The Right Group operated a “Buyer’s Club” designed to educate their prospects and clients. 
  • Run fortnightly, these popular 3 hour seminars were packed with good, practical and valuable information. However, these seminars did not lead to sales.

    We re-designed the seminar structure to both educate and offer example properties for sale.

  • Price Increases
  • At that time the Right Group charged clients $3,300 to locate a suitable property. They wanted to raise their price to $5,500.

    By fully articulating their value proposition and informing their prospects and clients of an imminent price rise (but if they acted now, they could lock in the old price), they had a rush of orders.

    The Right Group now charges $9,900 per settled property.

  • Improving the Sales Process
  • Using our proven “Discovery Session” sales model, the Right Group significantly improved their closing rate.

    Key Results

    Business is booming. Their cash flow and profitability has soared and the group has grown by leaps and bounds.

“Rashid & Barbara completely redesigned the way we market and sell our services.

By providing the foundational marketing and selling skills, our clients fully understand the value we bring to the table and are happy to pay our fees.

Fees which increased from $3,300 per property located in 2010 to the current $9,900 in 2015.

Our client numbers keep increasing and we’ve grown exponentially as a result.”

Victor Kumar
Right Property Group