Group 8 Education Case Study

John Corrigan of Group 8 Education is an experienced leadership coach passionate about improving student learning outcomes in the Australian Education System.

Between developing a comprehensive leadership programme and delivering pilot programmes to early adopters, John knew he needed a marketing and sales system which would bring in a steady stream of clients. But had neither the expertise or time to do so.


John wanted to expand the reach of his programmes and extend them to independent schools around Australia in the first instance. Then take it into the State Education system.

He knew that outsourcing his marketing was a necessary step in his growth. Implementing an automated lead generation and prospect nurturing system would provide him with the leverage he needed to achieve better results for schools and his business. Although an excellent coach, marketing and sales weren’t his forte.

In addition, John lacked the presentation and selling skills necessary to persuade senior leadership teams as to the veracity of his system.

How The Objectives Were Achieved

  • Client Interviews with Senior Principals revealed a number of opportunities.

    The programme could not be effectively rolled out over just one year. As such we extended the program to a 3 year delivery timeframe and increased the investment from $23,000 to $75,000, a 326% increase in fees.
  • Case Studies and Testimonials
  • In addition, these interviews provided the basis for extensive case studies and testimonials.

  • New Products
  • Our market research determined John needed a lower price entry point product. We successfully hived off the “Student Survey” component of the Leadership Programme and made it into a standalone product.

  • ​Selling Skills
  • We coached John in both group and individual persuasion skills allowing him to get his message across more effectively.

  • Lead Nurturing System

    We created a comprehensive prospect qualification and lead nurturing system based on educational direct marketing principles

    The system included a white paper, testimonials, case studies and extensive follow up emails to keep top of the prospects mind. This ensured a piece of communication would be sent out to prospects at least every 90 days.

  • School Leadership Conferences

    We created a pre, during and post conference strategy enabling John to meet the qualified Principals at yearly school senior leadership conferences.

    Having bought a list of schools, we could send out targeted letters, faxes and emails educating Principals and encouraging them to meet with John at the venues.

    This proved to be a very successful strategy. At the 2nd conference John “sold” a $75,000 programme on the spot.

  • Marketing Automation

    We implemented a CRM to handle enquiries, send out material and generally keep John’s name in front of prospects.

    The CRM was used to send out monthly articles we created or curated on different aspects of education.

  • New Website

    We created a new website which incorporated Lead Magnets, educational video, case studies and testimonials designed to draw in prospects
  • Key Results

John has an evergreen marketing and sales system which brings in a steady stream of new prospects, nurtures them and keeps them warm until they’re ready to commit. This process can often take 1 to 3 years so it’s vital John stay top of mind.

“Over the course of 18 months, Rashid Kotwal & Barbara Sauter imparted significant marketing and sales knowledge which has helped me bring on new clients.

Rashid & Barbara have extensive experience in marketing and selling complex, high value products and services. Rashid has a talent for explaining complex products and services in a manner that is easy to read and comprehend.

He designed a complete lead nurturing system including a comprehensive white paper and follow up material which allows me to reach out to clients, keep in contact and streamline the selling process.

The implementation included a new website and marketing CRM which allows full automation from initial enquiry to ongoing follow up.

Their marketing methodology engenders trust via a softly, softly, non-intrusive approach which provides valuable and relevant content for prospects and clients allowing them to buy when they’re ready.

I’m a firm believer that we all can learn anything we like if we put our minds and the time to it. However often it is more economical to engage people, who’ve got the knowledge and the experience to get it done faster.

If you’re looking to accelerate your business growth I highly recommend you speak to Rashid and Barbara.”

John Corrigan
Group 8 Education