I’m sure you’ve heard the cliché “No one wants a Drill.  What they want is a hole”.  But really, who the heck wants a hole for the sake of it?  You’re going to fill the hole with something and it’s just the first step to an ultimate outcome.

My name is Rashid Kotwal.

We buy something because we want to solve a problem or get a result.  Something we want to avoid or achieve.  No other reason.

So when speaking to a potential client stop talking about your solution.  Only talk about the problems they’re experiencing and the outcomes or results they are looking for instead.

Which means you need to find out exactly what they want fix and why.  What are the implications of not fixing it?  What do they want instead.  And why.

Remember we make buying decisions first based on emotion and then apply logic.  So what’s the payoff – in both logical and emotional terms.  How do they ascribe logical and emotional value to what they want?

What will their life be like once they have the result?  Think in terms of time, money, status, recognition and happiness.  Short, medium and longer term.  What will it be like if they don’t achieve it?

Because unless the value of the result is much greater than what it’ll cost them to buy it, you won’t get a sale.

Now obviously there’s much more nuance to this when having a sales conversation, something we cover in depth with our clients.

If you’d like our help regarding increasing your prospecting and sales effectiveness, give me a hoy at RevealedResources.com.  We’ll work together to maximize your results.

Till next time, this is Rashid Kotwal.


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