Received this from Madison Liston from Sleepy’s The Mattress Experts.  It’s a great example of selling the result not the process.

“In the mattress industry products are all fairly similar with slight differences at the same price points. So the only way to truly be different is the service we offer. 

I started first with what is it exactly we are selling, it wasn’t a mattress, it was sleep. So I created a sales pitch that was devoted so selling someone the greatest night’s sleep possible. The Sleepy’s way is ensuring that the customers not only has the greatest night’s sleep possibly but their whole experience is different. 

I started following up our quotes within between 1-24hrs after leaving the store, hand writing thank you cards which would be received via the post after they were sleeping on the mattress and a follow up call 30-60 days after that. 

The customers experience with Sleepy’s from their first interaction to their last is unlike any other retail purchase. This is what makes The Sleepy’s Way different and helps us to stand out. “

Note a few things Madison does really well.

The customer’s experience.  How do you make them feel throughout the whole sales process?

Timeliness.  Leads go cold very fast.  You’ve spent advertising dollars getting the prospect into your business.  Immediately following up is interest dramatically improves your conversion rate.

Post purchase – cement the good feelings.  Madison sends a hand written thank you card.  Then a follow up call to ensure they’re happy.

What’s your pre, during and post purchase process?  Could you be leaving money on the table?  Where could you improve?  BTW, this applies as much to services as products.

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