Do you ever find yourself avoiding certain tasks? You know they’re important, but you find yourself making

You think, “I’ll just get another cup of coffee”. Or check your email. Call a colleague. See what’s happening on Facebook, Twitter or whatever other activity that will divert your attention.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m prone to this. Probably like most of you! Go on, admit it.

So here’s what works for me to fix this.

First I check to see if this is a task really worth doing. How important in the scheme of things is it really.

If it is, rather than putting it off I’ll schedule it in my diary and block time out to get it done.

The key of course is to do it when you say you will.

Then set a timer for say 30 minutes (use your smart phone or kitchen clock!) and don’t get up until you’ve worked on whatever it is till the timer goes off.

30 minutes is reasonable as we can all concentrate for this long without goofing off. Don’t answer the phone, check email or entertain any interruptions.

If a colleague comes by, politely suggest you’ll get back to them.

Is this system perfect? Will you always stick to it? I know I don’t. But it sure as hell goes a long way to increasing my productivity when I do.

So go on, give it a try and let me know how much more of the important stuff you get done.

Beep, beep, there goes mine now.

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