Selling to senior executives?  Ask thought provoking questions which help them evaluate their challenges and opportunities in a new light.

The “old” sales model of “What keeps you awake at night” suggests asking decision makers what challenges they’re facing.  Which is fine if they come to you asking for help knowing they have a specific issue.

However, when prospecting your goal should be to lead with value.  Instead of asking about their challenges, get their attention by telling them, “This is what should be keeping you awake”.  Bring insights  Add value to them with every interaction.

If you’re asking for a meeting, put yourself in their shoes.  What benefits are you bringing them in exchange for their most valuable commodity, time.

And this applies to client interactions as well.

At the end of every conversation we ask “What was valuable about this…” or “How did this help you…”

This does 2 things.  It reinforces your value to your prospects and clients as well as to yourself.


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