When working with business leaders, we emphasise that everything starts at the top with your leadership.

Leadership ultimately is creating a space where people want to belong.  And you as the leader set the tone and example.

When working with business leaders we emphasise the importance of aligning your vision, mindset and strategies up and down the organisation.  So that everyone is pulling in the same direction.

You define your identity as an organisation.  You formulate the vision and goals.  The values and beliefs you hold to.  Which directly affects the organisation’s culture.  How we do things around here.

You must foster a culture of commitment and cooperation.  Where people feel included and valued.  Share similar values and beliefs.  Yet are willing to speak out and tell the emperor he has no clothes.

Then communicate all this and get buy-in from your people, your suppliers and your customers.

But all too often leaders either turn a blind eye or are completely oblivious to bad behaviour.  Or are simply too weak to confront.

And then the rot sets in.

A typical example is political parties which indulge in constant in-fighting because they simply can’t agree on a shared vision or goals.  And they obsess about the competition constantly attacking them rather than focusing on delivering for their constituents.

As a leader you get what you tolerate.

Take a stand.  Put a stake in the ground and decide how you want to show up in your world.  What do you want your reputation to be and then put in place whatever’s necessary to achieve this.

So if you’d like help implementing a better culture and leadership style in your organisation we’re just a phone call away.

Till next time, this is Rashid Kotwal.

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