It’s not often that I simply hang up on someone. But even I have my limits.telemarketer caller screaming

Barbara took a call from yet another telemarketer who asked for me.

First “Richard” didn’t want to tell Barbara who he was. Then when pressed, said he was from a web design company and knew me well.

Really? I’d spoken to him once and told him politely, but firmly, I didn’t need his services.

This time he launched into a barrage about how our website wasn’t mobile friendly and how he could fix it.

Once again, I said, “It’s in the process of being redesigned, and no, I didn’t need his services.”

His response? “We can do it cheaper than whoever you’re using!” A mantra he kept repeating.

He simply didn’t want to listen. So you guessed it, I hung up on him.

How many times have you received calls like this? Probably lots.

They mostly follow the same pattern. They’re pushy, don’t take no for an answer and keep coming back no matter what objection you throw at them. And frankly, given their attitude and way of selling, there’s no way I’d consider buying anything from them.

Here are some ways Richard could have improved.

Respect the “gatekeeper”. They hold the keys to your getting through to decision makers. Build some rapport. Don’t lie to them and say you know the person well. You’ll get found out and lose all credibility.

Richard made no attempt to find out anything about us or our requirements. He had something to sell and he was going hell for leather. I don’t think he even paused to take breath.

He simply didn’t listen to anything I had to say. His attitude was, “We can do it cheaper, so why not use us?” Well, he never asked how much it was costing, so how would he know? And assuming we’d just buy on price is stupid.

We buy from people we know, like and trust. All of which takes time.

With his attitude, Richard burnt his bridges with us. There’s no way I would use his services or even consider referring him on.

I feel sorry for Richard. The way he interacts may not even be his fault. Lots of organisations train their staff to act this way. They think sales is a numbers game. It’s not. All successful sales people build relationships and engender trust.

On that note, Australia’s leading telesales trainer, Jenny Cartwright, is running telesales training workshops in Sydney and Melbourne.

Barbara and I have known Jenny for years. She’s a consummate professional. If your organisation engages telesales people, I guarantee Jenny can improve your bottom line results.

Sydney is on Wednesday 13th August and Melbourne is on Wednesday 20th August.

You can get more details from:

I encourage you to check the workshops out as each participant will get an individualised telesales script done for you.

Till next time,

Rashid & Barbara.

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