As a business owner, there are two major mindset traps you can fall into.Analysis-Paralysis3

The first is paralysis by analysis. The second, starting something, getting bored, dropping it half way and starting something else.

People stuck in a paralysis by analysis mode want all their ducks lined up precisely before taking action. At the extreme, they get so caught up striving for perfection that nothing ever gets produced.

The marketing material never gets sent out. The product never hits the shelves. The builder never finishes his own house.

If this is you, ask yourself what this is really costing you. Nothing is ever 100%. It’s better to get something out there, get feedback from real clients allowing you to improve.

Having things sit on your shelves does nothing and certainly doesn’t bring in any money.

The second trap involves having too many options and chasing bright shiny objects.

People prone to this start projects but never see them through to completion. Some get bored and move on. Others constantly think about all the things they “could do” and rather than focusing on one project and seeing it to completion, chop and change direction.

Either way they’ve invested time and money which gets wasted.

Yes, you can go down a track and realise halfway that it’s the wrong direction and change. This isn’t the behaviour I’m talking about.

So if you find yourself falling into either of these behaviours, decide you’ll change your modus operandi because neither will serve you.

If paralysed, move forward and make your mantra, “Progress not perfection”.

If consumed by options, stick to something until it’s finished and then move on. You’ll be far more productive in the long run.

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