All successful salespeople know exactly what problems they solve and for whom.  They’re efficient at qualifying out rather than in.  So they quickly sort through the caff to get to the wheat.

They spend their time dealing with people who could be in a position to buy.  Therefore they waste less time, close more deals and bring in more revenue and most importantly, profitable deals.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it.

Well, the reality is sales is hard work.

You must be crystal clear on:

Your target market.  Exactly who these people are.

The problems they’re facing.  What will they openly speak about.  What’s under the surface that only comes out when they trust you.

Your message.  What will get them curious enough to speak with you.

And can you get your message in front of them.  There’s no point otherwise!

All of which takes considerable thinking, testing and tweaking.  And dare I say it, we’re often too close to our own stuff.

Working with an external sales coach/mentor like us will help you rise above and get clarity.

If you’d like our help to bring in more profitable clients, reach out.  Give me a call on 0414 913 334 and we’ll take it from there.

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