Experienced another wasted opportunity last Saturday.

We’d bought another of those Ouffer/Living Social deals to try out a Moroccan Restaurant in Sydney.

It was a 3 course dinner for 2 with drinks for $29! Not a bad deal and obviously a major loss leader – considering Ouffer would take 50%.

Now if you’re going to feed 2 people for the equivalent of $15 in total, you’d better have some strategy to get them back as a repeat client.

Sadly this place (which appears to have been around 15 years) missed out on a couple of fronts.

The food was mediocre at best.

There was simply very little taste and the portions weren’t large. So not likely to get us back as repeat customers on this front.

And assuming we did really like the food, they made no attempt to capture our names/email addresses or even mobile numbers so they could occasionally keep in contact and send us specials.

Actually, over the years I’ve only come across one restaurant, Nilgiri’s in North Sydney which has consistently sent me a newsletter with new menus, recipes and special theme evenings. Every other medium to higher end place has never bothered. Another missed opportunity!

Rashid & Barbara.

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